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När så många av er kom med så smarta kommentarer i fredags då jag berättade om min reseplan kom jag på idén att att be er om några tips inför resan (dessutom har jag spenderat de senaste 4 timmarna med att besvara era frågor från frågestunden, så nu är det faktiskt min tur att ställa frågor). Here goes:

> Har ni några bra tips inför en sådan här resa? Kanske har ni bästa packnings-knepet, sätt att klara av värmen eller vilka turistfällor man bör undvika.
Kanske har någon av er varit i Puerto Rico eller Mexico (eller NY för den delen) och vet precis vilka ruiner vi måste besöka, vandringar vi måste vandra eller mat vi måste smaka? Ge mig allt! Jag har som sagt aldrig gjort en liknande resa förut, så alla råd som kan få mig att känna mig lite mer förberedd är guld värda. Puss!

When so many of you gave me so smart comments when I wrote about my travel plan last friday I came up with the idea to ask you about some tips for the trip (besides, I’ve spent the last four hours answering your questions from the q+a sesh, so now it’s my turn to ask questions, hehe). Here goes:

> Do you have any good tips for a trip like this? Maybe you know the best packing tip, a way to cope with the heat or which tourist traps to avoid.
Perhaps some of you have been to Puerto Rico or Mexico (or NY for that matter) and know exactly what ruins we just have to visit, hikes we must experience or food we have to taste? Give me everything! I have, as I said, never made a trip like this before, so any advice that can make me feel a little more prepared are super valuable. xx

18 responses to “A QUESTION FOR YOU- TRAVEL TIPS?!

  1. Linn skriver:

    Min kompis simmade med jättesköldpaddor när hon var i Puerto Rico!! Tror du skulle gilla det!

    1. ebba skriver:

      Mahh ja lätt! Det skulle jag gilla!

  2. Mal skriver:

    Hello Ebba, my packing tip would be: iron as much as possible before packing. All the clothes (including jeans and pj’s!), any towels, blankets or whatever you’re going to take with you. You’ll be surprised how much more you’re able to fit in! Hope this helps 🙂

    1. ebba skriver:

      Ah, interesting! I’ll totally do that. I was actually thinking of packing an iron too, but it would take too much space haha! And I’ve heard you can use a flat iron (for hair) as an iron on clothes too!

  3. i skriver:

    Jag brukar packa i persedelpåsar i olika färger och lägga till exempel linnen i en, underkläder i en osv. Tanken är god men ändå så blir det alltid att jag under resans gång bara stuvar ner grejerna i vilken påse som helst, och så var det med ordningen 😉 Har aldrig varit i Mexiko eller Puerto Rico, så har inga tips om länderna i sig, men om ni har möjlighet så borde ni lära er dyka! Det är SÅ kul 😀

    1. ebba skriver:

      Ah! Smart idé! Det skulle hjälpa mig massor- jag som alltid har min packning i en enda röra!
      Ja jag älskar att dyka, ska definitivt testa det!

  4. Theresa skriver:

    Hi Ebba:
    I have a very ”keenly aware” friend from my New Jersey hometown who was with me and family during the holidays. He thinks there are under-cover cops all around the city watching for dangers! Ha. Probably true!!!! Oh, such paranoia!
    All I know is NYC is a nanny state, and that can
    annoy a lot of tourists who resent such a government-controlled city.
    When you go to NYC (presuming Manhattan) go all over, if you can (Upper East, Central park at the Upper west side, China town, Times square, Rockefeller ctr, downtown battery park, financial district) and just walk, and find what looks appealing. Catch a show if you have time. There are so many great ones.
    You will not be deprived of vegan foods as there are numerous (reasonably-priced too) places there to enjoy it.
    Museams and events are my joy, as well as theatres, Barnes and noble, flee markets on weekends.
    Check out Grand central (underground bakery) I had a nice vegan dessert there. There’s too much there.
    Hope this helped.

    1. ebba skriver:

      Thank you so much! I’ll make sure to go all over NYC, there’s so many places I want to re-visit!

  5. Lise B. skriver:

    Mexico: Uxmal is a must see (and climb). Jungle at 360°. Book a room at the Hacienda hotel, also lost in the jungle but close enough to the Uxmal site so it’s practical.
    The Xel-ha park, close to Cancun and Playa del Carmen, a kind of ecological waterpark in natural landscape with a few water activities, caves, cliffs, jungle rails, where you can spend the whole day, and you’ll be sad to leave. A bit expensive but totally worth it. It seem they add activities since I went. Also, they give you the most effective sun cream I’ve ever tried (plus it’s ecological because it’s made to not pollute the water and wildlife).
    Campeche, along the ocean, is a beautiful and lively city, with colored houses, art pieces by Botero, a good place to observe the mexican culture.

    1. ebba skriver:

      Oh thank you! Wow, both Uxmal and Xel-ha park sounds amaaaazing! I have to check that out!

  6. A skriver:

    Åh. Att gå på bio! Helst en mindre biograf, motsvarande Folkets bio i Sverige, och när det inte är filmpremiär. Det försöker jag göra i varje ny stad jag besöker för det är en sån härlig känsla att göra sånt man gör en söndag hemma, tillsammans med lokalbefolkningen därborta! O så är det försås ett plus om filmen är bra, då minns man alltid filmen som en magisk sådan

  7. Eline skriver:

    A little packing tip is to roll each of your clothes in your suitcase. It definitely takes less space, in this way you can bring more souvenirs !
    I went to NYC twice so I think that walking down the streets is the best way to explore the city properly.
    Hope you’ll enjoy your vacations !

  8. Itzel N. skriver:

    You must visit a cenote when in Mexico! (If you don’t know, a cenote is kind of a sinkhole filled with water) They are really unique and there are a bunch in the region, you can swim in there and the water is super clear. For ruins Tulum is pretty cool and if you’re willing to drive for a couple of hours you must definitely visit Chichen Itzá! It’s really beautiful, it’s not one of the seven wonders for anything 😉 Uxmal is further away but it is nice too.
    Most traditional food in the southeast region has pork in it but I’m sure you can find vegan food in the city.
    Have fun!
    Kisses from Mexico

  9. Ebba skriver:

    Har inte varit i Mexico eller Puerto Rico, men var i Burma i höstas! Jag är inte så bra på att hantera värme (blir lätt lite gnällig…) så mitt bästa tips är att endast ha tunna bomullskläder! Det hjälpte mig såå mycket. Hade på mig en topp i något syntetmaterial någon dag och det var dödens varmt.

  10. Theresa skriver:

    Ebba, just want to add that ”battery park” is where you can take the ferry to liberty island (Statue of Liberty) And downtown Manhattan east to west walking is more faster/narrow than midtown and uptown east to west walking. Street blocks north to south are short. You can even walk from upper west to midtown in a half hour. You can walk the entire island too with few breaks.
    I’ve done it with friends a few times.
    Again, enjoy!<3

  11. Lisa skriver:

    As you said you don’t want to bring your camera…I did a insurance when I went to Bolivia last year and this made me use it a lot – of course nothing happened, but I felt safe to use it. In comparison to your computer there is no loss of data.
    I once did a big trip without my camera (I used an old shitty one) and I’m SO sad now when I look at the bad pictures…I wish I had done this insurance-thing before to take better pictures!

  12. Theresa skriver:

    I hope you don’t mind that I gave you more info than tips. I just don’t like saying ”don’t mess with this, or don’t do that, or don’t go there, or stay away from something, because it’s my opinions, and perspectives of the city. You may see so much differently when you visit again, and enjoy what I may advise you against.
    One thing I want you to know: Real New Yorkers can dine anywhere, and not be ashamed. They can shop anywhere too without any embarassment, from the riches stores to bargain places. They can come out of bargain stores and not hide the bags. Real New Yorkers
    love flea markets. ”Hells kitchen” has a cool one. They take in everything the city has to offer big and small.
    I agreed with many who say ”walking” is the best New York adventure. You will often stumble upon fun outdoor concerts, events and things that you can easily miss if you use transportation. You get to taste different city flavors walking too, and meet all kinds if people.
    I’m done….finally!!!

  13. Isabell skriver:

    good to hear that you start travelling know.

    all I can say from my experience: it is quite safe to travel with valuables (macbook + camera)

    I’ve done it for more than a year know and so far never had troubles.

    If you have your valuables with you in your hand luggage when travelling (plane, train, bus …) it’s all good. This is the time where valuables are most likely to be stolen from what I’ve experienced.

    What I can recommend though is to get an insurance for your camera and lenses. A few monts ago my lense broke, and I had to give it to a reapair shop. My insurance will now pay everything (approximately 300euros) which is really nice.
    This way you don’t have to worry about your photo equippment. The only thing you might want to worry about is to choose the lense you want to take with you. I took my 50mm and I have to say that wasn’t the best idea. 35mm would probably be better.

    For your Macbook/ iphone / whatever phone you have you should definetely get Hidden app ( http://hiddenapp.com/ ). I think thats the cheapest and best an most fun protection you can get.

    have fun!


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