(me by the pop artist  Marco Santaniello) Hi guys! Today I’ll try to answer all of your english questions from the question-time, so here we go!

 I was just wondering if the curls are natural or not, and if not, how do you go about doing them? They look lovely! Thanks! Naturally my hair is straight, so at most I use my flat iron to curl it (like this). When my hair is ”wavy” i use my Wavemaker from OBH nordica.

If you would have to change your hair, what would you do(something big about them, not just cut them a little bit)? I would cut it off to a messy boyish hairstyle. I’ve always loved short haircuts and it takes lots of work to keep my hair under control, it’s like living it’s own life, haha (and its soo thick). So sometimes I just want to cut it all off!

How do you combine your pictures into 1 picture, like you did here? There I’ve used a free program called ”photoscape” (just google it and you’ll find sites to download it from) and a funktion called ”combine”.

If your name woudn’t be Ebba what would it be and what’s your favourite name? I like Ebba, but if i got to change maybe I would pick Ofelia, which is my second name.

What second hand stores do you shop in? Here in Umeå there’s not so much to choose from, but I at most shop at ”Myrorna”. When I’m in Stockholm I looove to shop at Beyond Retro.

Do you have any brother or sister? Yes, I got an older sister!

 How do you spend your spare time?  I love to spend my sparetime playing the guitar, painting, taking photos or hanging with my friends.

Do you use a tripod (and remote) for outfit pictures or do other people take it for you? Before I used a tripod and a remote but now my mum or a friend takes the pictures.

What do you wanna do for work later? Oh, there’s so much I want to do! I want to be a journalist, photographer, start my own second hand shop, start a magazine or write a book, and so on.

Do you excercize to have such an amazing figure? What do you do for your figure? I do BodyPump around three times a week. Basicly I eat alot of good food and work out because I think it’s fun. I really don’t believe in diferent diets where you eat nothing, if you eat what you think  taste good and find a way of working out that suits you I think you’ll automaticly get the figure you’re supposed to have.

 Are you sometimes afraid to wear something special to school? No, though my friends think I look strange sometimes, haha. But I’d rather be different than like everyone else!

What are your favorite bands? I love Radiohead, Kent, The knife, The kinks, Florence+ the machine and so on.

Do you edit the picture on your lookbook and blog yourself? Yes, using photoshop and photoscape.

Ebba how tall are you? I’m 178 cm.

13 responses to “ANSWERS//ENGLISH

  1. :DDDDDDDDDD skriver:

    Hei Ebbaaa! 😀 Jeg håper du mer eller mindre klarer å forstå norsk, for når jeg prøver meg på svensk, ser det ikke helt bra ut.. Men jeg trenger et lite tips! Eller kanskje et selvtillit-tips? Jeg liker, eller vent, ELSKER klær og so on. Men det virker som om at ingen andre på skolen min gjør det. Alle går i jeans/tights og hettegensere. Har derfor ikke mot nok til å ta på meg det jeg vil om morgenen, for jeg VET at ALLE sommer til å se rart på meg, og mest sannsynelig – også le… Hvordan bygget du opp deg selv til å gå med akkuratt det du føler for? Vil så gjærne gå med maxikjoler, overknees og so on!…. Er ikke noe særlig ¨populær¨, men jeg har venner, som jeg elsker å være med. Så blir vell heller ikke mer likt om jeg klér meg ¨rart¨… Noen tips? :// ps. elsker bloggen din, keep on rockin´!

  2. ana skriver:

    Oh thanks a lot, Ebba! Good answers!=*

  3. J skriver:

    What kind of camera do you use? And do you have a special lens or something? 🙂

    Like your blog!

  4. Ebba Zingmark skriver:

    :DDDDDDD : Men det finns inget så kul som att provcera lite! Peppa dig själv och var stolt över att du bryter mönstret och vågar sticka ut. Det kommer garanterat vara fler som vågar mera i och med att du ”bryter isen”. När jag för första gången använde min långklänning i skolan fick jag en del blickar, javisst, men var det inte ett par långklänningar man såg i korridoren nästa dag? Jodå. Och vem bryr sig om status, egentligen? Så länge du har vänner du älskar att hänga med så är det ju toppen. Bakom kritiska blickar döljer sig ofta det motsatta. Fråga dig själv ”tycker jag att det här är snyggt?” och lita på det, istället för att låta någon liten kommentar sänka dig. För vem av er är det i så fall som har vågat, och vem är det som är fast i det gamla tråkiga mönstret? våga! 😀

  5. Jana skriver:

    I love your blog and your photos and your outifts, i look everday at your blog just because it’s so awesome, you are a lovely girl with a great personality and you are really pretty.

    xx, Jana 😉

  6. Lina skriver:

    Hej hej. 🙂 Probably the only thing i can say in swedish. ahah.
    thanks a lot for translating all the questions. i used the google translater before, but it’s just suuuch a mess. 😀
    i think i got a weird question. but well you live far up north in sweden, and i’ve been to helsinki and to stockholm once in winter and there was not a lot of sun. and you are even more north. how much of light do you actually have, i mean how many hours. i am sorry for that weird question, but i think if you dont have a lot of light a day, you dont have that much time to shoot, right? what ever.. it just came to my had.
    i hope you’re not freezing tooooo much. 🙂

    xoxoxo lina

  7. Ebba Zingmark skriver:

    Lina: Yeah, thats the problem. It’s dark when I go to school and dark when I get home, so my only chance is to shoot at the weekends. When its the worst we just have like three hours of daylight!

  8. Ambrosia skriver:

    do you train with your friends or alone? Because I am really embarrased when I train alone :S And congratulations on the t-shirt!! I agree it isn’t my taste either, but only fifteen and already on Zara’s t-shirt? Hmm, when you’re older I have a feeling you’ll be the next abbey lee kershaw or alexa chung or someone fashion-famous 😛 xoxo

  9. Youngseo skriver:

    Awesome answers ! I play the guitar too 🙂

  10. noelvnatico skriver:

    Santaniello Rulez… hope this guy will make it one day..IEA.

    have a look at my newborn communication brand :!/pages/IEAIndustriescom/127571900639277

  11. Lina skriver:

    oh wow.. 3 hours. thats nothing? i cant imagine living in the dark for such a long time. doesn’t it annoy you sometime or do you enjoy it?
    so basically you shoot several outfits on one weekend any you post them during the week? that’s cool. so you have the week for school and the weekends for fashion? 🙂


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