photo by Andrew Grauman

Idag började alltså min andra vecka i skolan. Här är några saker jag känner angående ~mitt nya studentliv~ so far:

– Jag tror att den nya dygnsrytmen är jättebra för mig! Även om jag fortfarande har svårt att få tillräckligt många timmars sömn känner jag mig så glad och lätt i sinnet på mornarna. Jag kommer på massor av bra ideer och är sjukt motiverad. Älskar den kalla morgondimman på vägen till skolan.

– Jag känner mig verkligen som det svarta fåret på skolan, det känns inte som jag delar stil eller åsikter med någon alls. Först kändes det läskigt, men nu känner jag att det är otroligt bra och utvecklande! Efter att ha gått estetisk linje i sveriges hipsterstad och sedan flyttat till hela europas hippaste stad så behöver jag faktiskt konfronteras med människor som inte alls har samma referensramar som mig.

– Lektionerna gör att jag blir otroligt peppad på att styra upp bloggis. Mycket av det vi lär oss går nämligen att applicera på mig själv och mina kanaler, har jag märkt. Jag har massor av ideer angående detta- främst tänker jag fokusera på att förvandla bloggen till det yttre, samt satsa på mer högkvalitativt innehåll som jag kan lägga lite mer tid på, och kanske skära ner på innehållslösa mellan-inlägg med mobilbilder och sneakpeeks. Jag vill liksom kunna vara stolt över allt material jag sänder ut till er. Tips och förslag mottages gärna!

This is the first day of my second week in school. Here are a few impressions I have gotten so far:

– I think the new circadian rhythm is great for me! Although I still have difficulties getting enough hours of sleep, I feel so happy and light minded in the morning. I get lots of good ideas and feel super motivated.

– I really feel like the black sheep in school, I really don’t share style or beliefs with anyone at all. At first I thought that was scary, but now I feel it’s incredibly good and fulfilling! After attending an aesthetic high school in Sweden’s hipster capital and then moved into Europe’s hippest city, I need to get confronted with people who doesn’t have the same frame of references as me. That creates a lot of interesting discussions and insights.

– The lessons makes me incredibly excited about putting more love and care on my blog again. Much of what we learn is actually very applicable to my work and my social media channels. I have lots of ideas about this- firstly I’ll focus on transforming the blog visually, as well as investing in more high-quality content, and maybe cut down on the not very interesting posts with phone photos and sneakpeeks. Tips and suggestions are more than welcome!


  1. Gia skriver:

    Hey:)) sounds great, although I honestly love your blog BECAUSE of the iPhone photos and stuff which give an insight in your daily life. It makes your blog special/unique, as well as that you post daily. Hope this feedback helps a bit..
    Have a nice week!!
    x Gia

    1. ebba skriver:

      Hey Gia! Ah, that’s nice to know! Thank you for the feedback! <3

  2. Darren Alff skriver:

    Hi Ebba, I hope you’re doing well. As Gia already said, one of the things I like most about your blog is how you post daily (or almost every day). Kind of like Casey Neistat (the YouTube video blogger) has discovered… there is a certain power in posting every day. But with you, I can also tell when you are publishing a post that you really care about vs. one that you’re just putting out there in order to fill your quota for the day. And if I can tell the difference, then I’m sure your other readers can as well. There’s a fine line between putting out good content… and putting out lots of content. Obviously, your blog is very different than mine, but when I look back at the material I’ve created on my blog over the last 10 years, the content that gets read, searched for, shared, etc… is the stuff that I spent days working on and was really passionate about at the time. The short, fluffy articles that I put out in a rush – no one cares about 10 years later. Hope this helps! (And please don’t take it too critically). I look forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures in school. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lisa skriver:

    I agree with the others! Don’t try to professionalize your blog! A lot of bloggers popped up in the last few years, having super stylish and professional posts…but you don’t need this, as you already have a high standard in your fashion pictures. In fact, I’ve been reading your blog because you’re just a young girl like me, sharing pics from her weekend or doing a litte inspiration post (love these the most) or thinking about what to do with her hair…Yours is a diary worth coming to every day! I’d miss that a lot!


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