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Clothes from LAUREL

Såhär såg jag ut igår i Mannheim! Vi var där för att testa “the first fashion hotel room” på Syte Hotel i samarbete med Laurel. Man bokar ett hotellrum, berättar vad man ska göra under sin vistelse (typ business meetings eller party) och får ett rum med garderoben fylld av lyxiga kläder som passar dina planer, som du sedan kan använda fritt under din vistelse. Vi glömde kamerabatteriet i Berlin och fick istället jobba på att utveckla vårt iPhone-fotograferende, vilket ändå fick ett förvånansvärt bra resultat! Ska visa er allt från vår vistelse snart, men vi börjar med dessa bilder. Puss!

Here’s what I looked like yesterday in Mannheim! We were there to try out “the first fashion hotel room” on Syte Hotel in collaboration with Laurel. The concept is really cool: you just book a hotel room and tell them what you’ve planned to do during your stay (like business meetings or party etc) and then you get a room with a closet full of luxurious clothing that fits your plans, that you can use freely during your stay. We forgot the camera battery in Berlin so instead of taking professional pictures we got the opportunity to develop our iPhone photography skills, and actually we still got a surprisingly good result! I’ll show you everything from our stay soon, but let’s start with these photos. xx!

5 responses to “YELLOW ACCENTS

  1. Kseniya says:

    Do you have any close-up photos of the buttons on this coat? They look like an interesting detail.

  2. Anna says:

    Oh my god, I live near Mannheim ! That’s so cool to see you in a familiar setting. I really like the outfit 🙂
    Greetings , Anna

  3. Itzel says:

    That’s such a cool concept! Will have to keep it in mind for when I visit Germany!
    Lovely outfit and love the bangs, they look great on you 🙂
    Hugs from Mexico xx

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