I hope this isn’t too intimate but I wanted to ask if you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend or any sort of love-relationship?
I wouldn’t say that I’m in a relationship right now.
Do you like the musician Grimes?
I love Grimes!
Who’s taking all your photos?
Mostly it’s my super kind roomie and partner-in-crime Siri who does it, or photographers around here in berlin, like the super talented Styleograph for example.

(Hehe, actually Siri is a kick-ass poser herself, even if she prefer to stay behind the camera! You’ll find her blog HERE)

I hope you’re well. I’ve been following you on Lookbook and via your blog for a while now and am so impressed by how well you are doing. I am also a blogger and am working with some PR agencies, do you also work with agencies? If so, do they do most of the booking for you or do you still do a lot yourself? 
Thank you so much! I work with a couple of agencies but I’m managing about half of the collaborations/campaigns myself.
Who are your fashion and beauty inspirations?
Oh, all of my talented fellow lookbookers and all the cool people hanging around here in Berlin!
vad hände med eran podd?? i miss it
ÅH, jag saknar den också!! Vi ska försöka att börja podda lite igen via skype, men annars kommer nästa podd i jul då jag får träffa syrran igen!


When you finally come to Poland?
I haven’t planned any trip to Poland yet but it would be so much fun to visit!
I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to be more confident with what you’re doing:)
I’m trying to be a photographer but I don’t feel very confident about sharing my projects or even sometimes ask someone to pose for me. If you have any advise let me know!
I had the same problem before, I’ve always found it hard to ”promote” myself since it feels like bragging sometimes. By time I’ve learnt that there’s actually a lot of people who’s interested in hearing about what I’m doing, and that talking about my work is a great way to find new collaboration partners and get into interesting conversations with similar minded persons! My tip is to find a place (maybe taking classes, joining a club or even an online community) where you can communicate with people doing the same or similar thing as you so you can support each other!
What language do u speak in Berlin?
I’m speaking Swedish and English, and I’m trying to learn some everyday german too!
Have you ever heard about Georgia ? you have many fans here, and i’m one of them, I certainly love you, you are the best girl for me!
Oh yes, I’ve noticed that many of my lovely readers are from Georgia. It seems like a really nice place and I’d LOVE to go there!

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    1. ebba says:

      Haha, yep! 😉

  1. ISA says:

    kul att du verkar ha så mycket internationella läsare. Men fan illa att jag blev helt ställd av att läsa på engelska ;O

    1. ebba says:

      Haha, ja, majoriteten är nog internationella! Superkul!

  2. Maria says:

    Åh kul med podd igen!

    1. ebba says:

      Ja! Det tycker vi med!!

  3. Nato says:

    haha :0 I’m Georgian too and I’m happy for your answer 😀

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