Här kommer en giveaway ni INTE vill missa! Precis som förra året håller STYLIGHT i en stor gala under modeveckan i Berlin där de utser årets viktigaste fashion influencers i olika kategorier. Det blir en fantastisk kväll med modevisning, live-musik, drinkar, dans och glitter med ca 700 internationella modestjärnor, artister och journalister på gästlistan. Förra året var jag där som nominerad, och VILKEN KVÄLL det var! Helt fantastisk. I år får jag tävla ut två biljetter till en lycklig vinnare som får gå på galan i sin favorit-outfit från Nelly.com! Jag kommer även att utse en tvåa och trea som vinner ett plagg var från Nelly. Allt du behöver göra för att delta är:
1. Gå in på Nelly.com och välj ut den outfit du helst skulle vilja bära på STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards. Outfiten ska bestå av tre plagg/accessoarer från följande märken: NLY Trend, Estradeur, Notion 1.3, Wonderland, Nelly Shoes, NLY Accessories, Jane Blush, Oneness, NLY ICONS, NLY eve, NLY orchid. På bilden ovan kan ni se hur jag såg ut förra året!
2. Lämna en kommentar här nedan med länkar till de kläder du vill vinna samt en motivering till varför du vill gå på galan och din emailadress såklart.

Jag utser vinnarna den 12:e Januari. HÄR kan du läsa mer om #SFIA15 och HÄR tittar du tävlingens terms&conditions. LYCKA TILL!

Here’s a giveaway you DON’T want to miss! Just like last year STYLIGHT is arranging a grand gala during Fashion Week in Berlin, where they’ll announce the year’s most important fashion influencers in various categories. It’ll be a fantastic evening with fashion shows, live music, drinks, dancing and glitter with about 700 international fashion stars, artists and journalists on the guest list. Last year I was there as a nominee, and what a night it was! Absolutely unforgettable. This year I’m giving away out two tickets to a lucky winner who gets to go to the gala in his/her favorite outfit from Nelly.com! I’ll also announce a second and third place winner who’ll get a garment each from Nelly. All you have to do to enter is:
1. Go to Nelly.com and choose the outfit you would like to wear during the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards. The outfit have to consist of three garments/accessories from the following brands: NLY Trend, Estradeur, Notion 1.3, Wonderland, Nelly Shoes, NLY Accessories, Jane Blush, Oneness, NLY ICONS, NLY eve, NLY orchid. In the picture above you can see what I looked like last year!
2. Leave a comment below with links to the clothes you want to win as well as an explanation of why you want to go to the gala, and your email address of course.

I’ll choose the winners on January 12. HERE you can read more about #SFIA15 and you can read the Terms & Conditions HERE. GOOD LUCK!

16 responses to “#SFIA15+NELLY GIVEAWAY!

  1. Nina Garde says:

    It’s really funny because i’m coming to Berlin exactly at the same time: i’m taking a week-vacation with my best friend after our exams, and i really would like to go to the gala, because one- i love fashion, two- i love to party 3- it’s the perfect occasion, i come from Paris to Berlin one time pro year and this time it’s during the fashion week !!
    So i cross my fingers!!!

    Here are the links of the three garments i would like to win:
    (a sexy dress, i always wear pants so for one good time it would be funny)

    (a long fancy coat for everyday but also to party)

    (some over-the-knee boots to party all night long!)

    Here is my mail: nina.garde@free.fr)

  2. La Linda says:

    Hur gör man om man inte kan ha Nellys storlekar? Kirrar du en biljett ändå? 😉 Puss!

    1. ebba says:

      Givetvis! 😀

  3. Sam Swanson says:

    I have never been to Berlin. And attending a Fashion Week is on my bucket list! I love to travel and this would be the perfect opportunity. I would make a full vacation out of it since I’d be coming from Canada.

    I have very eclectic yet comfortable style, so I chose to jazz up some cozy pants with a great crop top and some classic pumps. The top calls for minimal accessories, which is just the way I like it 🙂

    The pants:

    The top:

    The shoes:

    Crossing my fingers!

  4. Nora Weidner says:

    Hello Ebba,
    I would be soo excited to win those tickets for the Stylight gala, because I have a passion for fashion and unfortunately wee don’t have any events with fashion in the city I come from and I’ve never been to such an event. But I always love to go to cities like Berlin and I was thinking about going to Berlin the weekend of the Fashion Week, because of all the fairs and exhibitions about fashion. My dream is to go to a real fashion show or such an event like the Stylight Awards and meet people like you! 🙂

    this is the outfit I chose and would love to wear: I think the skirt is really stylish and has an interesting shape, and although the top is kinda revealing, it should appeal really nice together with the other peaces. Normally I don’t wear high heels, because I’m pretty tall, but for such an event I would love to wear them, especially because I really like those kind off heavy shoes together with the gallant outfit…it makes it a little sporty and I really love smart casual outfits!
    the skirt: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/kleidung/r%C3%B6cke/notion-13-2774/drapy-lurex-long-skirt-277563-14/
    the top: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/kleidung/tops/oneness-1115/crepe-cross-over-crop-top-115085-14/
    the shoes: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/schuhe/festschuhe/nly-shoes-427/platform-sandal-429052-14/

    Nora (18)

  5. Nora Weidner says:

    Hey Ebba,
    I would love to win the tickets for this gala and I would be sooo excited, because I have a passion for fashion and I always wanted to go to such an event, so a dream would come true 🙂 (Also I never won anything, so that would ne pretty cool :D) Unfortunately in my city aren’t any fashion events, so I love to go to cities like Berlin – I even thought about going to Berlin at the weekend of the Fashion week, because of all the style fairs and exhibitions, but the real dream of mine is to go one time to a real fashion week or event such as the stylight fashion award… I already read about this last year and would have loved to be there and if you would have won 🙂
    I chose this outfit, because I love smart casual fashion and I really love the interesting shape and color of the skirt (and I reallly like long skirts in general). The top seems maybe a little revealing, but in combination with the skirt I could imagine it looking really good! Normally I never wear High Heels, although I think they are amazing, but I am pretty tall. But for an event like this I would love to wear some and I think this kinda heavy ones would look pretty cool with the delicate skirt:
    skirt: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/kleidung/r%C3%B6cke/notion-13-2774/drapy-lurex-long-skirt-277563-14/
    top: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/kleidung/tops/oneness-1115/crepe-cross-over-crop-top-115085-14/
    shoes: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-f%C3%BCr-frauen/schuhe/festschuhe/nly-shoes-427/platform-sandal-429052-14/

    wish you a nice christmas time, love

    1. Nora Weidner says:

      …sorry, i thought the comment wasn’t posted, so I rewrote it and now it’s twice there but I can’t delete it

  6. Hanne says:

    I would love to go, because I’ve been wanting to go to Berlin for a while now (and you blogging about it all the time hasn’t made that any less), it seems like such a cool and interesting city and going to the Stylight gala seems like a super exciting thing for me because I would love to get inspired by all those fashionable people 🙂 I had a lot of fun picking out clothes as well!

    I would wear:
    – a pretty blouse: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/blusar-skjortor/nly-trend-917/low-frill-blouse-917775-14/
    – some sequin shorts: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/byxor-shorts/estradeur-1043/sequince-shorts-109635-14/
    – and a nice super long cardigan: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/tr%C3%B6jor/nly-trend-917/maxi-cardigan-917736-83/

    My e-mail: hannewillekens [at] hotmail [dot] com

  7. Alexandra says:

    Winning this competition and get two tickets would be a perfect kick start to the year! It would be amazing to attend the gala with my sister, Tsutsumi. We are international fashion bloggers, and many of the fashion influencers that we look up to will be at the event. It’ll be an experience to remember and attend, and definitely an opportunity for us to maybe reach so far in the future.

    Skirt: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-für-frauen/kleidung/röcke/notion-13-2774/drapy-lurex-long-skirt-277563-14/
    Top: http://nelly.com/no/klær-til-kvinner/klær/topper/nly-trend-917/circle-top-917888-14/
    Shoes: http://nelly.com/no/klær-til-kvinner/sko/festsko/nly-shoes-427/platform-pump-428822-14/


  8. Fabienne says:

    Dear Ebba,
    this is an amazing Giveaway, I would be so exited to win this ticket, because I`m in love with fashion and all this stuff! I live in the near of Berlin, so I`m often threre to get inspiration and new clothes. It would be so cool to go to the stylight event, because there are so many people with the same interest, fashion. There are international fashion bloggers and important influencers, so it would be great to see these people, maybe I will see you too!
    I would wear:
    – a feminine, elegant jumpsuit: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-für-frauen/kleidung/jumpsuit/estradeur-1043/lurex-jumpsuit-111972-26/
    – some pretty pair of shoes: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-für-frauen/schuhe/festschuhe/nly-shoes-427/block-heel-sandal-420082-14/
    (size 39)
    – and this little bag: http://nelly.de/de/kleidung-für-frauen/accessoires/taschen/nly-accessories-384/tripple-zipper-bag-386486-14/

    My e-mail: fabienne.kahmann1@t-online.de

    So I`m crossing my fingers and wish you a nice christmas time!
    Best, Fabi

  9. Anna says:

    This is cool! My roommate couchsurfed in Berlin a few weeks ago and I think that’s a pretty cool, anarchistic way of travelling. I’d do that too. 🙂
    Also I really love fashion and fashion bloggers and your blog, so I hope to go there and see you! That would be incredible.
    These are the three garments that I don’t mind wearing, to say the least 😉

    This extremely beautiful dress

    These boots to dress down the dress and to party all night long

    And this ear cuff, because ear cuff 😉

  10. Mai Tran says:

    My 3 links:

    I don’t think I’d be able to attend the gala even if I win (travel expense as such), but 2nd or 3rd prizes are not bad at all.
    Reason for the 3 garments/accessory above: green highlights the whole outfit, chunky-heeled boots guarantee all-night dancing with feet pain-free, and that skirt is just gonna swing in any possible direction of your movement, I love skirts like that. Nobody can dance in a tight pencil skirt, duh!!!!

    Everyone would love to attend an event with gorgeous fashionistas and great music to dance to all night (I can hear Chandelier – Sia playing already). So why wouldn’t I?

    Peaceful Christmas and Awesome New Year, Ebba! My best friend’s name, an 8-year-old Weimaraner, is also Ebba.


  11. Moa Lorentzson says:

    Hejsan svejsan Ebba!! Såå mycket kärlek till dig och din blogg <3333 Jag har blivit så sjukt sugen på att bo någon tid i Berlin efter studenten (typ som du ja, haha) sedan jag läst om Berra i din, Siris och indico bloggen (kommer ej på vad hon heter nu bara för det???). Har aldrig varit i Berlin men åh, du förstår inte hur mycket jag vill dit! Och hur mycket jag vill vara där under modeveckan! Fatta vilken kombo, dem två. Mode och Berlin. Plus att åker jag dit och hatar det, då vet jag det heheh, surt om det blir så men känns så omöjligt. Okej det här skulle jag kunna skriva om i evigheter men nä, så här kommer länkarna! <3 Dock är det så att jag är fruktansvärt liten så vet ej om plaggen passar, men alltid värt ett försök :/

    1. http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/festkl%C3%A4nningar/nly-trend-917/too-cool-for-school-set-918258-83/

    2. http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/festkl%C3%A4nningar/nly-trend-917/too-cool-for-school-set-918258-83/

    3. http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/skor/festskor/nly-shoes-427/mid-heel-drsay-pump-428735-30/
    är så fast i pastel..


  12. Hej hej Ebba! Oj vad nervöst detta blev haha Det skulle vara så så så skoj och få möjligheten att uppleva detta! Är mycket intresserad i mode och har följt Stylights fester,galer,awards länge och gillar många som är nominerade och det skulle vara helt sjukt och vara där o få se och uppleva allt!! Ett litet plus att jag så gärna vill vinna detta är för min syster (hon bloggar (www.mikuta.nu) och är också jätte intresserad i mode) bor i Berlin men jag har aldrig varit där och det skulle vara så roligt om jag fick åka dit och överraska henne med detta!
    Jaa, vad mer kan jag säga, hade blivit super glad och hade varit jätte skoj och få träffa dig!!
    Min favorit-outfit skulle vara det här:


  13. Saskia says:

    Hi Ebba!

    Yet another amazing giveaway you’re able to host! It’s incredible how far you’ve come. I remember reading your blog back in 2010 and now look at you, living in Berlin, modelling and blogging for a living, travelling and buzzing around the world and getting all these awesome opportunities. So proud of you!
    I’m really into fashion and have wanted to start my very own blog for so long now – I think 2015 will be the year I’ll finally get to it. I’m studying arts and English linguistics and would love to end up working in fashion journalism. Because of this, I think attending the STYLIGHT gala would be the perfect opportunity for me to kinda ‘get into’ the whole thing.
    I would wear this really nice sequin cropped top with a nice tight cut out leggings and this really cosy faux fur coat. I love all the different materials – they add this certain kind of interest to it. I would add a pair of chunky high-heeled boots, but since I was to choose three pieces (and I already own a pair of reeeally nice boots the kind I had in mind), I haven’t chosen shoes from the Nelly website.
    So here are my options:
    The sequin top: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/toppar/nly-trend-917/the-cover-all-with-sequin-top-918192-303/
    The cut out leggings: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/leggings/estradeur-1043/cut-out-mesh-leggings-111647-14/
    The faux fur coat: http://nelly.com/se/kl%C3%A4der-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor/kl%C3%A4der/jackor/notion-13-2774/persian-faux-fur-277583-14/

    I”ve had such a fun time scrolling through the website looking for the perfectt outfit! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
    Love, Saskia
    Email: saskia.brr@gmail.com

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