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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Är besatt av allt som är ljusrosa just nu. Tror det var något som slog slint i mitt huvud när jag såg alla körsbärsblommor för några veckor sedan, nu dras jag som en skata till silver varje gång jag ser något i den nyansen haha. Hur lovely är inte min nya nike-ziptröja som jag köpte på en secondhandmarknad för ett par euros till exempel?! Kan inte heller få nog av min rosa ögonsugga, rosa solbrillor och den stora fina buketten ett blomsterbud knackade på med häromdagen.

I’m obsessed with everything that’s light pink right now. Must have been something that backfired in my head when I saw all the cherry blossoms a few weeks ago, now I am like hypnotized every time I see something in that shade haha. How lovely isn’t my new Nike zip sweatshirt which I bought at a secondhand market for a couple of euros, for example?! Also, I can’t get enough of my pink eye shadow, pink shades and the large bouquet a flower delivery guy came with the other day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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  1. Ljuva Julia says:

    I looove ögonskuggan. Så tjusig!

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Ebba, I know this is an annoying comment, but you regularly make a certain grammatical mistake. It’s not “How lovely isn’t”, but “How lovely is”. You mix it up with “Isn’t it lovely” . “How lovely isn’t” would mean “it isn’t lovely”. I don’t want to be mean, I just noticed that you mix this up often 🙂

    1. ebba says:

      Hahaha thanks for telling me! I should probably put a bit more effort on my translations, I know I often write them pretty “swenglish” haha 😉

  3. Itzel says:

    Why don’t you dye your hair in pastel colors like pink, for example? it will look stunning on you <3 Kisses from Mexico, guapa!

    1. ebba says:

      I’ve actually thought about doing that! maybe I will!!

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