Throwback, throwback! Har vant mig vid min nya hårfärg så mycket nu att det börjar kännas märkligt att se bilder med rött hår, haha. Vilken look gillar ni bäst? Jag måste nog säga nummer 6, även om den är väldigt basic. Det var även dagen jag skrev in mig i Berlin, stor dag! Vilken gillar ni bäst?

Throwback, throwback! I’ve started to get so used to my new hair color now that it’s starting to feel strange to see photos of me with red hair, haha. Which look do you like best? I have to say the number 6, although it is very basic. It was taken the day I “signed in” as a citizens in Berlin, a big day! Which look do you like best?

6 responses to “A YEAR BACK

  1. Rory says:

    I really like the one with striped sheer shirt 😀

  2. Caroline Somerset says:

    Dear Ebba: I have to say that the red hair really made you very special and unique in terms of your “look.” The red hair happened to suit your natural skin tones and colouring in a beautiful way, and when your red was more natural looking and not too orange-y your pictures really sparkled on your website with great energy. While I understand the sort of minimal, neutral, washed out blonde/silver/gray look you are now into, in my opinion, your overall look is much more common and far less unique, and your modeling shots simply don’t have nearly the same strong energy or attraction. Your website now is much more dreary – but that’s just my opinion… With respect, Caroline

    1. Nato says:

      I agree with Caroline! I love your red hair and my favortite look is the last one with the RED phone buooth!

  3. Nika says:

    2 & 8 🙂

  4. Ewa says:

    You look lovely with a red hair, but I like both of this colours. And your old outfits in this post… Mmm, perfect! 🙂

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