shorts- second hand, swimsuit- cheap monday.

Jag sa ju att jag njuter av sommarens sista dagar. Kör på weetlook dagarna i ända.

I’ve already told you I’m enjoying the last days of summer! I’m working the wetlook from morning to evening here.

9 responses to “WETLOOK

  1. Patrycja says:

    Cool outfit !

  2. Tereza says:

    enjoy your holiday! :))


  3. Iris says:

    Oh, I am so in love! Perfect♥!

  4. Hanne says:

    So does school start really soon? Because I’m in the middle of my summer holidays or something…

  5. katy vess says:

    truly amazing photos, ebba! 🙂


  6. petronella åslund says:


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