Det har den senaste tiden trillat in en del kommentarer om min vikt och min kroppsform. Var inte oroliga! Ni kan ha rätt i att jag gått ned lite de senaste månaderna men jag kan försäkra er om att det inte har något som helst att göra med ätstörningar. Jag är medveten om att jag är väldigt smal, vilket jag alltid varit, men jag är noga med att äta mycket och bra mat och i övrigt vara hälsosam. Mitt drällande på festivaler och sommaruppehållet med BodyPump kan ha bidragit till att jag gått ned lite i sommar, men det är absolut inget jag strävat efter och det rättar nog till sig i höst då de gamla vanliga rutinerna kommer tillbaka. Jag vill inte bidra till några dåliga kropps-ideal, det är så här jag ser ut och så länge jag tar hand om mig själv och är hälsosam är jag mycket hellre en förebild på det planet istället. En välmående kropp är alltid den vackraste, oavsett storlek!

Translate: I’ve gotten some comments about my weight and my body shape from you lately. Don’t worry! You may be right in that I’ve gotten a bit skinnier the recent months, but I can assure you that it has nothing whatsoever to do with eating disorders. I’m aware that I’m very slim, which I’ve always been, but I eat a lot and good food and I’m always trying to  be healthy. All my trips to festivals, together with my BodyPump-summerbreak may be a reason for my weightloss this summer, but that was never my intention, and it’ll probably correct itself when school starts and I get back to my old routines again. I don’t want to contribute to any bad body ideals, this is how I look and as long as I take care of myself and stay healthy, I’d prefer to be a role-model in that way.  A healthy body is always the most good-looking, no matter what size and shape it has!

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  1. Seung-won says:

    It is good to hear that you always care about your health 🙂

  2. felicia says:

    Har tänkt lite på det men inte sagt något, du är en riktigt fin och ifall du mår bra så är det ju huvudsaken 🙂

  3. Emma [ M i s s G r i m m ] says:

    Men herregud vad det alltid ska spekuleras i vikt och ätstörningar! Vilken människa går INTE ner i vikt när man dräller runt på sommaren?!?! Speciellt när man äter vegetariskt och håller igång med löpning. Snacka om ett kroppsfixerat samhälle…

  4. Tanja says:

    I’m really happy to read this, Ebba! It’s good to know you take care of yourself 🙂

  5. norea says:

    härligt! du är en bra förebild!

  6. Saskia says:

    Thank you so much for writing this, Ebba! You are lovely!

  7. shelley says:

    Skulle du kunna skriva ett inlägg om hur en vanlig matdag för dig ser ut? 🙂
    Jag är lite nyfiken för du skriver ju att du äter gandka nyttigt och det är nåt jag också skulle vilja börja med men jag vet inte riktigt hur en normal dag ser ut för det så jag tänkte fråga dig som är nyttig men hälsosam! 🙂
    sen tänkte jag också fråga om “onyttig” mat som tex hamburgare eller chips och sånt är saker du inte äter för att hålla dig nyttig?
    Det vire jättesnällt om du kunde dela med dig om dina matvanor för jag behöver som sagt lite inspiration! 🙂

  8. anna says:

    shelley, don’t you think that’s something of her own business? of course, she is sort of a “public person” but that doesn’t mean she has to share all her personal stuff with us. and ebba: you are great!

  9. Therese says:

    Word! Bra att du ryter ifrån 😉

  10. MV says:

    åh du har typ den perfekta kroppen.. 😀

  11. Lina says:

    ebba, thank you so much for telling this! it’s good to know, that you are aware of those facts about yourself. take care and always stay in good health!

  12. Amanda R. says:

    Most people who comment about thin girls having an “eating disorder” are usually fat girls who are the ones who actually have eating disorders, in that they eat too much. You’re not close to being too thin. You look great. 🙂

  13. Fashion by idag says:

    Bra skrivet Ebba!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I noticed the change as well but did not say anything. I just knew you looked different. I, too, am slim and lose and gain weight all the time. It’s probably just more noticeable on you since you’re more taller.

  15. anonym says:

    jättebra skrivet, första gången jag läser din blogg men helt klart inte sista. du verkar vara en jättego tjej med skön stil. keep it up!

  16. julia says:

    Alla som skriver att dem som kommenterat om hennes vikt själv har ätstörningar osv är ju bara dumma. (jag har inte kommenterat något om det men) Jag har sett Ebba i verkligheten, och hon är verkligen jättesmal, men hon är ju väldigt lång också. Jag tycker inte det är konstigt om folk då reagerar på hennes kropp, dem gör det ju inte för att vara taskiga! Men som sagt sålänge hennes kropp och hon mår bra så är det ju ingen fara och det är okej. Jag själv är rätt smal och har svårt med att gå upp i vikt osv så jag vet hur hon har det. Men att kalla folk som reagerar på hennes kropp tjocka och sådant är bara dumt.

  17. Karin says:

    Jag tycker inte att det är speciellt konstigt att man kommenterar om din vikt. Jag menar inte att vara elak när jag säger att du är fruktansvärt smal, så smal att det ser sjukligt ut. Min bästa vän har en sjukdom som gör att hon inte kan gå upp i vikt om hon inte äter sina 14 tabletter varje dag. Hon har blivit kallad anorexiabarn o.s.v, vilket jag tycker är orättvist. Men det är en sådan hest över vikt och allas kroppar nu, därför reagerar många väldigt starkt. Men jag kan tänka mig att många av dina läsare bara är oroliga över dig och bryr sig och det är en bra sak.

  18. Karla says:

    Thumbs up Ebba! I have also noticed that you became even more slim, but your attitude is the right one and thats what matters. so keep on blogging!

  19. Allegra says:

    @ Amanda R.: hope you know, you’re writing bullshit!

    Ebba, that’s so good to hear! I love your blog and your style but sometimes it’s hard to look at the photos, since you are so skinny! So hope you meant what you wrote and just take care!

  20. Hanna says:

    Hahahah Amanda R, are you crazy? Call those who comment about Ebbas weight, fat? What’s the matter with you? And I don’t mind that Shelley asks what she eats and so on… It’s a good thing that more people wants to be healthier! So Ebba I’d also like a post when you’re telling a bit about food that’s healthy and a bit about it. And of curse that you have to work out too.

    And yeah I love your look and blog. And you suits perfectly as a model. You can be huge.

  21. Lidia says:

    I wrote a comment about your weight, but I’m definately not a fat girl with an “eating disorder”. I was just worried. Probably like most of your readers. I think it was a very good idea to make clear that it’s not your goal to get thinner and thinner. Just take care of yourself. You’re a beautiful girl.

  22. Nora says:

    Gud i himmelen vad jag tycker om dig Ebba! En helt underbar stil och en helt underbar människa! att du skriver det här betyder nog mer än du tror. Och jag känner verkligen igen mig!

  23. Sofia says:

    Du ska bara veta hur många av dina bilder som virrar omkring på internet som “thinspo” 😮

  24. MA says:

    Why is it always the skinny girls that have to justify their weight in public and who are again and again accused of (yes, ACCUSED) being sick and being a bad model for some kids? (Geesh, one could think those kids have this thing called parents to look after them and teach them what is healthy….)

    If you go tell anyone they’re fat or gained some weight, rest assure you are crusified *in the spot*. Why is it okay to go tell that to thin people? Don’t you realize this is just another way of putting out strict norms for how girls should look like, another way of piling up to the mentality of *real* eating disorders? Better just embrace the people as what they are no matter what they look like, as long as people are being happy with themselves and their lives.

    Being thin or even losing some weight while being thin is not a sickness. Being so unhappy that food controls your thoughts and your life to the point of your health and body is breaking down, now that’s a sickness.

  25. Nikki says:

    Why should it be of any ones business to comment on Ebbas weight? She post’s about food all the time and everyone can see how healthy her food choices are, she is incredibly healthy there is evidence of that behind her beautiful glowing skin! all you people need to understand the girl is a vegetarian! Meat is one of the main ways of gaining weight, so how can you look at her and say such horrid things? she likes to run and keep fit also which is absolutely AMAZING! None of you are ever happy. She puts so much work into her blog and her photos to entertain you and you go on and judge her, she is very tall also which makes it even harder for her. Ebba, you are incredibly beautiful and you inspire me ridiculous amounts, I want to eat and work out healthy like you do, I thank you for me finding the motivation to make a change in my self! If you are happy with the way you are never let any one’s judgements make you doubt the way you feel because you are immaculate! If you would ever like to talk to someone who got picked on for their weight, feel free to email me. ( I believe that you will be modeling for the worlds top brands one day )

  26. Inna says:

    MA, Nikki : I think you need to understand that people who asked Ebba about her weight were mostly WORRIED about her, not judging. Society, and particularly the fashion world, shows thinness as a model, a way every one “should” be (not saying that’s what I think), so maybe, thin girls don’t always realize when they are going to far, when they cross the line between being “healthy thin” and being sick (not talking about Ebba who I think is really healthy and perfectly knows what she’s doing and does it in an amazing way)

    I think that’s why it’s “always the skinny girls that have to justify their weight in public”. Most of the time, overweight people already know they are overweight, so they don’t need people to remind them of that. It’s kind of unfair because it might make skinny girls feel kind of guilty, not comfortable with their body, etc, especially if they don’t particularly love it. But still. Doesn’t mean that every person who ever asked a thin girl about her weight is jealous or unhappy.
    This isn’t a thin vs fat girls war !!!

  27. Nikki says:

    INNA: you need to understand that I am talking to the people who do judge her, you people are not her mother or father so why on earth should you be worried, its stupid if you ask me, if your a true fan of ebba you would just appricaite the fact that she posts for us, not personal things like her weight, her family is capable of telling her what she is, she doesn’t need the people of the Internet to be worried about her, although it is a kind gesture it’s absolutely uncalled for, has anyone ever thought about how ebba feels when people tell her that they are “worried” for her? And they thank god that she is okay? It can come across as offensive. Through my experience and how much it affected me when I was looked at for my weight the reason I feel so stongrley against people asking about ebbas weight is because people don’t understand the damage it does to a persons mind until they have experienced it first hand.

  28. Inna says:

    I personnaly didn’t send her a message or ask her anything cause, well, I agree with you, it’s none of our buisiness, and, in case something was going on, she seems to be surrounded by people who care about her. It’s just that it can go so fast sometimes, so people can be worried. I have a friend who kept repeating she was ok, when she wasn’t, and she nearly died. Thank God she’s fine now. Her family wasn’t aware of this at first, or didn’t want to, or whatever. I also know how it makes you feel when people think they’re being kind asking about a person’s weight. It’s generally not supposed to be offensive or make you feel judged, and these people ar not systematically unhappy frustrated and obese. That was my point (doesn’t mean it’s ok to do so). And these “debates” about weight often turn into an agressive discussion between super skinny and less skinny girls. Ebba, your blog is such an inspiration, you are so beautiful and you seem to be an awesome person 🙂

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