Jag är verkligen en budgettjej, men Stella McCartney lyckas alltid med att få mig att vilja tömma mina sparkonton. Hade gärna införskaffat hela hennes fw13-kollektion faktiskt. Dessutom är hon en av väldigt få designers som tar ställning i djurrättsfrågan och aldrig använder skinn/siden/mocka i sina kollektioner. Stella, I love you!


I’m really a budget girl, but Stella McCartney always manage to make me want to spend all my savings. If I could I would have loved to get her whole fw13 collection, haha. She’s also one of very few designers who’s interested in animal rights and never use leather/silk/suede in her collections. Stella, I love you!

7 responses to “STELLA, I LOVE YOU!

  1. katy vess says:

    i truly like it too that stella doesn’t use any leather in her collections …. and yeah that stuff is amazing! 🙂

  2. Phindile Mkhize says:

    Omw this kinda looks like your wardrobe!! I see why you love the collection its super nice ! Love you and your blog

  3. myhrans says:

    coola plagg!

  4. Hanne says:

    Just realized that “suede” is called after “sweden”

  5. Hanne says:

    Oh and, the clothes look amazing!

  6. lebanezzas says:

    Fin blogg du har!

  7. liv says:

    så fint!!

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