Dessa bilder symboliserar hur jag känner när jag tittar ut genom fönstret nuförtiden. VÅR VÅR VÅR!!! Solen har lyst i flera dagar här i Umeå och mycket av snön har redan smält bort. Jag har till och med behövt cykla till skolan utan jacka för att inte svettas! Hur är vädret hos er? Har ni fått vår ännu?


These pictures symbolizes how I feel when I look out the window nowadays. SPRING SPRING SPRING!!! The sun has been shining for days here in Umeå, and much of the snow has already melted away. I have even had to bike to school without a jacket! How is the weather where you are? Has the spring arrived yet?


11 responses to “SPRING FEELINGS

  1. myhrans says:

    Åh så himla härliga bilder och det är så himla härligt att det äntligen är vår!!!

  2. Celia Sánchez says:

    Spring is here so, are your closet ready Ebba?? 🙂


  3. Eline says:

    The weather is amazing! The sun is finally shining ^^

  4. Rafaela Michels says:

    Here in Brazil we are on summer, autumn is coming! but brazilian’s summer is hot REALLY HOT, so I don’t like it and I’m happy that autumn in almost here

  5. fridachristinas says:

    Fullkomligt underbar inspiration!

  6. Nato says:

    I think you feel great 🙂 IS this pictures taken by you?
    In Georgia spring is already here but it’s still cold outside 😀

  7. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till Nato:
    No, thery are from my pinterest 🙂

  8. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till fridachristinas:
    Tackar! 😀

  9. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till Rafaela Michels:
    Cool, but I’m jealous of you anyway. I want to be able to hang out in the sun without freezing to death, haha 🙂

  10. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till Eline:

  11. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till Celia Sánchez:
    Almost ready! ;D

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