Ville bara säga hej här innan jag beger mig mot flygbussen. Dags att åka hem.
Att skapa content har i vanlig ordning kommit i andrahand nu i mellandagarna till förmån för familj och eftertanke. Såååå vi kör på ett gäng härliga mobilbilder idag igen. Tänkte visa er baskern jag fick av gullisarna på Shanghai Tofu, som jag gått omkring med hela julen. Tecknen betyder “köpa sojasås”, ett kinesiskt slang för något i stil med “mind your own business”, haha.
Återkommer med en liten reflektion över 2018 när jag kommit till rätta i Berlin. Tills dess- blöta pussar!

Just wanted to post a short greeting here before I head to the airport bus. Time to go home.
I haven’t been prioritizing content creation now during the holidays (instead I’ve been focusing on family time and 2018-reflection), so these phone snapshots will have to do today. Anyway, I just wanted to show you the beret I got from the cuties at Shanghai Tofu, which I have been wearing pretty much every day the last few weeks. The embroidery means “buy soy sauce”, a Chinese slang for something like “mind your own business”, haha.
I’ll get back to you with a little reflection post on 2018 as soon as I’m settled in Berlin again. Until then- big hugs!

4 responses to “SOYSAUCE

  1. tulip salinger says:

    BIG HUGS back at ya! you look great as usual, love the beret! I am all about that whole mind your business message, more people should try it, its good!

  2. L Dreyar says:

    I like that beret 🧢. More people should stick to what they know and not get into the business of things they don’t understand. 🤔

    Hope you enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations. I’m ready for the 🎆🎆🎆s.

    To 2019! 🚀🌊

  3. Ecno says:

    Haha! Actually, ”buy soy sauce” means different now in China! If we (I’m Chinese) said “some one buys soy sauce”, it’s more like the meaning of “some one is pointless and not important, just appear for a shot time and pass by”.

  4. Celia Meylan says:

    It has been long since the last time I visited your blog, I am moving to Sweden btw 😀

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