Q&A part 1

Do you ever feel insecure about the way you look? Maybe just some day that you’re discontented with something particular or with the whole thing? What do you do then? There’s too many rules deciding what is beautiful and not in our society, and sadly I think most people get affected by them sometimes. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else but I don’t like the thought of that I’m a bit ruled by media’s ideals.


I i wanna ask since you turned vegan do you have any deficiencies in your blood or your body? is it hard to eat out with friends when you’re vegan? how you cope with that? Actually I’ll check my blood soon to make sure I get all the vitamins and minerals I need. My friend Kajsa who became vegan a couple of months earlier than me was healthy when she checked hers (and we eat pretty similar food). I don’t think eating out is a problem for me since almost every reataurant in my town has vegan alternatives.


I recently went vegetarian, and plan on going full vegan in the future and I feel great, but my friends and family don’t understand, how do you deal with it in social gatherings, I hate being awkward and requesting other food when someone prepared a meal for me, I feel bad sometimes. I have that same problem! You feel like you’re a problem to the others when you want special food but you have to remember that you are doing it for a good sake!


                        Remember you’re doing it for them! 


Vilka tre ämnen brinner du mest för? Oj, det finns så mycket jag brinner för, men de första tre som poppade upp i mitt huvud var djurrätt, miljöfrågor och feminism.

Do you have a boyfriend? No, I don’t have a boyfriend right now.

What are your plans for the future, after high-school? I don’t know! Maybe I’ll try modeling and working with my blog! Later I want to study something but I just can’t decide what!


I want to ask you: did you ever bought something from the internet and then regret about it? Absolutely, I always try to look at the measures of the garment but sometimes the fit is totally wrong and then I regret it.

Jag funderar på att färga mitt hår som ditt och vill veta vad din löslugg hade för namn. Jag använde den här luggen: http://www.rapunzelofsweden.se/hardelar-och-harersattning/rapunzel-synthetic-clip-in-loslugg/308-chestnut-brown-clip-in-lugg?group=prod_prod_grp-s1%2F1271 Den är världens bästa!


Löslugg från Rapunzel, 299:- 


Do you want to blogging become your work? It kind of already is my work, but of course I’d love to work even more with it.


Does somebody who is your fan ever accosted you at the street and asked you for an autograph? Hahaha, it has happened like once or twice, but mostly people want to talk a bit or take a photo if they come up to me (It’s always so fun to meet you guys!).

Are you popular in your school? And do other students aren’t jealous? Actually there isn’t lables like “popular” in my school, everybody are just people with the same “status”. I love my school for that. I feel so uncofortable in very segregated groups of people, I guess that’s because I had a hard time getting accepted in my school when I was like 14 or so.

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4 responses to “Q&A part 1

  1. Alice says:

    Have you ever thought about meeting with your fans? And my 2 question: You live alone in your apartament? You can live without your parents, you aren’t too young? 🙂 kisses from Poland

  2. Alice says:

    Have you ever thought about meeting with your fans? And my 2 question: You live alone in your apartament? You can live without your parents, you aren’t too young? 🙂 kisses from Poland

  3. erin says:

    Hi) The first question was mine and i just wanted to say that it’s not quite what it was about. It’s easy to talk about not being affected by beauty standarts and stuff when you’re the one who fits in without trying.

  4. Johan says:

    Vegan hur länge? Har varit vegetarian i 21 år så tycker det är ganska kul ämne 🙂 Gick du från vegetarian till vegan eller did you go to the “good” side på en gång?

    Sista som jag kan rekommendera, om du inte redan sett det, är https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4 “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky”

    Den kan vara lite seg i början men den växer… videon fick min lilla syster att sluta dricka mjölk 😉

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