Här har vi en sliten krigare på väg till stranden en solig eftermiddag i Mexico efter en lång natts dans dans dans. Minns att jag unnade mig en 70-minuters massage för bara några dollars strax efter att dessa bilder togs, haha. Saknar Mexico!
Idag ska jag möta upp gamla vänner i stan och sen laga middag (läs: sötpotatisfalafel) med syrran. Vi hörs imorgon, puss!

Here you have a true champion on her way to the beach on a sunny afternoon in Mexico after a long night’s dance dance dance. I remember that I got myself a 70-minute massage for just a few dollars shortly after these pictures were taken, haha. I miss Mexico!
Today I’ll meet up with old friends in town and then cook dinner (read: sweet potato falafel) with my sister. Talk to you tomorrow, kiss!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Wow, very generous of Mexicans to offer such bliss for a small amount:)

  2. sara says:

    ebbaaaa, the colours in this post are amazing

  3. Veronica says:

    Cool outfit, where is your grey dress from? Best regards!

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