nothing scares me anymore






Top- Blackfive, Shorts- Younghungryfree, shoes- Junkyard, sunnies- GentleMonster


Det här måste vara första sommaren någonsin som det känns rätt att klä sig helsvart! Men jag gillar det, speciellt i kombination med guld som i denna look!


This must be the first summer ever I feel like it’s okay to dress in all black looks. But I like it, especially in combination with golden details!

14 responses to “nothing scares me anymore

  1. Johan says:

    Snygg Outfit.

  2. Maggiecallife says:

    Very nice outfit! These shoes are really awesome and I want a similar pair 🙂 Very good pictures as always!

  3. myhrans says:

    Så himla snyggt, svart fungerar verkligen alltid! 🙂

  4. jennytingvall says:


  5. Glances and Vibes says:


  6. G+V says:

    Svar till Glances and Vibes:
    ^^♪ … with the right link this time, hopefully )

  7. G+V says:

    Svar till G+V:
    haha, well then, here it is:


    The golden touch is so spot on! Lovely outfit!


  9. friv says:

    Lindo esse look! Vestido extremamente romantico! Amei com todo o coração!

  10. Celia Sánchez says:

    Great total black outfit.

  11. CaramelBubbleTea says:

    Love the black with the gold look ♥

  12. julia - fotoblogg says:

    så vacker är du!

  13. darkrosearoma says:

    the colors compliment each other very well….
    its on of my favorite colors to wear..
    in the first pic you look like a princess..
    you have this very rare unique beauty like a extremely rare gem 😉

  14. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till darkrosearoma:
    Oh, thank you 🙂

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