God morgon på er. Tänkte mest visa er dessa tre fina hösttröjorna från The Orhan’s Arms. Ni vet ju redan att jag älskar djurmönstrat, och quiltat tyg är en ny grej jag verkligen är inne på just nu. Tummarna upp från mig, med andra ord! Vilken gillar ni bäst?

Good morning guys. I just thought I’d show you these three nice autumn sweaters from The Orhan’s Arms. You already know that I love animal patterns, and quilted fabric is a new thing I’m really into right now. So it’s not that hard to get why I’m excited about these tops. Which one do you like best?

13 responses to “NO REMIDIES

  1. Nora says:

    Så himla fina allihopa!

  2. Emmelie - FOTOGRAF says:

    Vilka härligt höstiga plagg! 🙂

  3. Hanne says:

    the one with the foxes 🙂

  4. frida says:

    åhh så fine farger!

  5. Romi says:

    Definitely the one with the foxes! But they’re all lovely! 🙂

  6. Nutri says:

    all are wonderful 🙂 the one with rabbits makes me think of Alice in Wonderland

  7. Sofía says:

    These sweaters are very Ebba. I like them all.


  8. elise. says:

    the best one is the last one 😉 love this follow print. it reminds me follow from Twitter 😉 visit my world:

  9. Svea says:

    Hi Ebba, i really like your blog, style and cltothes!! But I’m wondering. In some answer some time ago you wrote that you wouldnt buy this much clothes for new. But it seems like nearly every post is about an new clothing. It just seems so weird, as, in contrast, you are so FOR animal rights and vegan food and save the world. Isn’t so many clothes somehow against “nature”? Against human rights, as most of them are produced in China or sth like that.. Dont know how to explain it better. I realy dont want to insult you or something 😉 really! I would just love to get an answer! 😉
    greets, Svea

  10. sara says:

    The second one…the wicked witch society…Misterious

  11. Yuka says:

    ADORE all these prints
    especially since they are sweaters
    lots of loooove,

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