Intervju med Rachel Marie- tjejen som hittade sin man på lookbook.

Nästa intervju är uppe! Denna gång har jag pratat med 23-åriga Rachel-Marie Jones från Chicago om framgångarna på lookbook/i bloggvärlden och att hitta kärleken på nätet. Så gulligt och inspirerande! Läs den på engelelska här nedan eller på svenska HÄR.
Translate: My next interview is up! This time I’ve talked to 23-year-old Rachel-Marie Jones from Chicago about her success at lookbook/in the blogosphere and to find love online. So romantic and inspiring! Read it in english below or in Swedish HERE.

Tell us about how you started lookbooking and blogging?

Back in the day when Myspace was hip, one of my friends sent me a message and told me I should really check out and that I’d fit in and should try to post a look. So I did, and I became hooked. I haven’t stopped posting since. The blog came right around the same time. I wanted to make more of an online journal though, my aim was not for Jag Lever to be solely fashion related. It was intended to be more of a lifestyle and personal fashion blog, but it has definitely grown into more of a fashion blog over time. I try to post other things too, like music and personal things.

Tell us about how you and your husband met?

He found me through Lookbook and was really inspired by my work. He then added me on Facebook, and it took me forever to accept his friend request because I didn’t know who he was. Eventually one day I randomly did, and then we started chatting. We thought it would be funny to Skype one day (and I wanted to hear his accent) so we did, and it was really cool and that led to us meeting in London.

In what way has your popularity on lookbook and your blog affected your personal life?

One thing that I find really interesting is that I’ve encountered multiple instances where people have recognized me in public from my blog/lookbook. Once in London when I was eating seafood, once in Einstein Bagels in downtown Chicago, once on the bus in Chicago, and once in Urban Outfitters in Chicago. Sometimes I also catch people staring at me for a really really long time, and I think they recognize me but maybe don’t know where from, or are too shy to say anything. The only other way it’s affected my personal life would be the fact that I spend a lot more time on the computer. But I enjoy it a lot, so it’s a positive affection.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

My take on this is yes, you can fall in love with how someone looks at first sight. I think when you meet a person you kind of get a feeling instantly if you’ll connect with them. I think you can fall in love with multiple people’s personalities. Some people have a very closed vision on love, that they are only allowed to love one person forever. But you can love so many people. Family, friends, husbands, boyfriends, wives, cats. Coffee. I loved coffee at first sight. So I guess I’m a believer.

Finally,where do you imagine yourself in 5 years?

It’s hard to imagine 5 years from now. It’s so far away! Life changes so much in 1 year. But I hope I am in a bigger apartment, making a decent living doing what I love which is fashion. Either photography or modeling would be ideal. Hopefully by then I’ll have visited Hawaii, Sweden, Japan, Australia. We shall see!q

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