Intervju med April Xie- kvinnan bakom Romwe!

Nu har min nästa intervju kommit ut! Den här gången har jag snackat med April Xie om hur det gick till när hon startade den superpopulära webbshopen, och hur hon tog sig dit hon är idag. Läs artikeln HÄR, och vill du läsa den engelska intervjun utan översättning kan du kika här nedan.

Translate: Now my next interiew’s up! It’s about April Xie, and how she started up the super-popular online store At the frontpage it’s translated to swedish, so I publish the original version at english here. Enjoy!

How did you come up with the idea of romwe and how did you get to where you are today?

I just addicted in dressing up myself when I was a freshmen in college.  As you know students do not have much money to buy new clothing, so I tried to go to wholesale market or vintage boutique to dig garment fitting my taste.  Naturally, I wanna open a boutique when I graduated because this is a career I really wanna do in my whole life.  However, I found I can?t pay the high rent fee for the boutique, so I decided to open a Little shop online, haha.

Romwe started off as a vintage-shop, right? What made you start selling new clothes?

Yepp, we were a vintage shop and for now we still sell vintage clothing at Romwe.  I read a lot of history of women?s cloth and I love the style of 50?s, simple and clear cut dress and cape style coat, the print on the vintage jumpers can not be found on new clothing any more that made them fabulous.  3 months later I opened Romwe.  But I found that Vintage cloth in China is much more expensive than Europe and there is no advantage for me, and I have a dream that to let people know clothing from China can be chic and fashionable, that?s the reason I started to sell new clothing.

What are you hoping to achieve within the next 5 years?

Haha , I do have ambition to become another ?topshop??I wanna to cooperate with some new designer and make opportunity to let their collection sold on Romwe.

Tell our readers your best tip’s for succeding with your own business!

Insist on your dream and be patient.

Name three persons that inspires you!

Coco chanel of course, Kate Moss. And Ines de la Fressange!!

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    Åh, intressant intervju!

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    väldigt bra! du är duktig 🙂

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    i love ines de la fressange too!

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