När man inte har krispig snö och magiskt norrsken som uppe i norrland så får man skapa julstämning på andra sätt. Genom att klä sig i en fantastisk röd sammetskostym från The Kooples till exempel, hehe. Detta blir faktiskt min första jul någonsin som inte spenderas i Umeå, men som den totala klyscha jag är känner jag att julen finns där min familj finns. Hur går det för er med julstämningen?

When you don’t have crisp white snow and magical northern lights up in the north of Sweden, you get to create Christmas spirit in other ways. By dressing in a stunning red velvet suit from The Kooples, for example, hehe. This is actually my first Christmas ever not spent in Umeå, but as the cliché I am, I truly feel that Christmas is where my family is, haha. Have you gotten into the christmas spirit yet?

3 responses to “IN THE SPIRIT

  1. Lucie says:

    This suit is so beautiful! So special but it looks gorgeous! And I really like the tank top you’re wearing underneath as well!
    Lucie, xx

  2. Lisa says:

    Your Makeup in the last pic scares me 😀 Have a nice Christmas Ebba!

  3. Lise B says:

    I love this suit! The color is really vibrant. I bought myself a green velvet one to wear at Christmas dinner 🙂 regarding the Christmas spirit, I have to say that I have a lot of work these past weeks, and jumping from work on the 23rd with a lot to finish to Christmas eve on the 24th in an other place, to Christmas lunch on the 25th again in another place looks tiring, and it didn’t help me get in the mood this year. So I’m waiting past Christmas for the real holidays to begin 😉

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