I could play it again





Shoes- ECUGO, Top and pants- Frontrow.


En look från tidigare i veckan. Jag bara ÄLSKAR blusen, visst är den fin? 

Nu befinner jag mig i Stockholm för att jobba lite på Devote-kontoret och sedan avsluta kvällen med ett sommarmingel. Det blir en ganska lång (men kul!) dag så vi får höras imorgon helt enkelt, ha en fortsatt fin fredag hörrni!


A look from earlier this week. I just LOVE the top, isn’t it lovely?

Right now I’m in Stockholm to work a little at the Devote-office and then go to a summer mingle in the evening. It’s going to be a long (but fun!) day so I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Have a nice friday guys!

16 responses to “I could play it again

  1. caajsasblogg says:

    men snyggaste duuu!

  2. isabellewejrum says:

    Lika snygg som ALLTID!

  3. Isabel says:

    Gud vad lik du är din syster på 3:e bilden!!! ♥

  4. Isabel says:

    Gud vad lik du är din syster på 3:e bilden!!! ♥

  5. Ellen says:

    Älskar blusen! Skorna också, superfina♥

  6. Rory says:

    Love the shirt! 🙂
    I wanted to ask you something for a long time. Firstly,I was thinking of making my own blog. And I really really liked the way you took your pictures before(in the forest,three pictures together) so I was wondering would you mind if I did that on my blog(I’d be very lucky if I get readers haha,but still,I wanted to ask)? If you don’t want me to do it,I would not be mad 🙂

  7. Eva says:

    Love the ripped jeans in combination with the chic top. Beautiful! xx


  8. Mae says:

    Shit yeah

  9. ebbazingmark says:

    Svar till Rory:
    Hi Rory,
    No, I don’t mind at all, I’d just feel honored that you been inspired by me! Good luck with your blog:)

  10. Eda says:

    Hi Ebba!
    I’m really sorry that this has nothing to do with this post but rather an important issue that is happening in my home town. I thought you could do us a great amount of help by sharing this on your blog so that people can actually understand the situation?
    In Istanbul, Turkey, cops are throwing gas bombs and use pepper spray on the people who are gathered in the Gezi Park. Gezi Park is an very important cultural place in Istanbul and the issue was first occurred because the government wanted to cut down all of the trees and wanted to built a shopping mall in there. People are dying every single day because they are fighting against the extermination of this beautiful place. Our local TV channels are censored so we can’t spread our news locally. People in Amsterdam and also in Helsinki are on the streets for us! We need every help we can get! 15 people where killed by the cops just today, two students where blinded because of the pepper spray and a lot are still hospitalized. Please help us and spread this! If you want more detail, you can send me an email or just check my latest post here: http://www.le-young.com/2013/05/istanbuls-current-heart-breaking.html
    Thank you so much!

  11. Niki says:

    Love the casual look! That top is cute 🙂


  12. Mae says:

    Flag for spam.

    There are bigger social mediums than a Swedish fashion blogger’s comment section.

  13. Eda says:

    I know that Mae, I’m just trying to spread the word as much as possible. Showing these stuff to youngsters is only powerful if it’s shown by a role model or a public figure.

  14. ctina says:

    Fantastiskt fin är du!

  15. jinyou says:

    Hi Ebba:) My name is jinyou. I’m Japanese and 19 years old! It was good to find your HP and write commnets!! I love not only your modeling shoots but pictures what you took!! They are soooooo pretty! Thank you so much for inspire my life:):)

  16. Rory says:

    Thank you,Ebba 🙂

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