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Jag har fått i uppdrag att styla den här fina klänningen i ett samarbete med fashiolista. Den är helt och hållet gjord i silke och det märks verkligen både på hur den faller och hur den rör sig när man har den på sig. Designern heter Hellen Van Rees och ni kan kika närmare på den i MUUSEs webbshop (ni kanske minns att jag skrivit om MUUSE förut?). Den här gången valde jag klä ner klänningen med creepers och mössa, men jag kan lika gärna tänka mig att bära den med en lite mer fancy 60tals-inspirerad  look. Vad tycker ni?

I have been asked to style this stunning dress in a collaboration with fashiolista. It is entirely made ??of silk and it really shows both in how it falls and how it moves when you wear it. The designer is Hellen Van Rees and you can take a closer look at it in MUUSEs online store (you may remember that I’ve blogged about Muuse before?). This time I chose to dress down the dress a bit with creepers and hat, but I can  imagine wearing it with a little more fancy 60’s inspired look. What do you think?

13 responses to “HELLEN DRESS

  1. Eva says:

    Love this dress! Great graphic print! xx


  2. Emmelie - FOTOGRAF says:

    Tjusigt! 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Nice dress. Wunderbar!

  4. Jeline says:

    you look stunning!


  5. Bella Borgencrantz says:


  6. Trâm says:

    I think creepers are one of the best shoes ever <3

  7. lizzie says:

    way to go, ebba! this is really pretty and you are so talented!! but didn’t you say you were vegan? then why are you wearing a dress made fron silk?

  8. ebbazingmark says:

    lizzie: Oh, I haven’t thought about that! I’m still a bit new with the vegan lifestyle 🙂 Thanks for telling me! I f you have any facts about it I would be happy if you could send me some to ebba.zingmark@modette.se 🙂

  9. nike says:

    halsbandet och klänningen var super fin!

  10. good icariin says:

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  11. lizzie says:

    Hej, it’s me again, I send you an e-mail a week ago, just want to make sure, that you got my e-mail! 🙂 I hope I didn’t use a wrong address

  12. ebbazingmark says:

    Hej Lizzie! I can’t find your email, so it would be great if you could send it to ebba.zingmark@modette.se again:)

  13. ebbazingmark says:

    Oh, found it! 😀 Thank you so much!

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