För några månader sedan blev jag tillfrågad att plåta lite för Le Bunny blues nya “Bunny Aile” kollektion. I snöyran som råder här i Umeå känns augustikvällen då jag svettades i flera plagg lager på lager när jag plåtade hela kvällen på den höstigaste location jag kunde hitta ganska avlägsen. Här har ni en sneakpeek på en av lookerna! I övrigt har jag haft en riktigt mysig fredag med julgranspyntande, glögg och pepparkakor i mängder på skolan som avrundades med en intervju på ett café i stan. Ikväll fortsätter jag på mys-temat med lite gym, tv-tittande och godsaker. Ha det bäst ikväll!

A few months ago I was asked to shoot for Le Bunny Bleu’s new “Bunny Aile” collection. The August evening when I was sweating in a several layers of garments, taking pictures at the most autumn-ish location I could find feels pretty far away in the snowstorm we have here in Umeå today. Here you have a sneakpeek on one of the first look! Today I’ve had a really cozy Friday with Christmas tree decorations, mulled wine and lots of gingerbreads in school, and an interview at a cafe in town after that. Tonight I’ll continue on the cozy-theme with a soft workout, TV watching and goodies. Have a great night!

4 responses to “BUNNY AILE

  1. paulina says:

    skitsnygga skor håller du där runt axeln!! 😀

  2. Tanja says:

    Ebba! Could you maybe do a hair tutorial on the high bun you wear sometimes? I think it looks amazing, but all tutorials I’ve found so far do not look as good as your bun…! 🙁

  3. Monika says:

    Hi Ebba,
    I was watching your first posts on the blog this morning and I like some rock elements in your look for example mars 2010. Do you know that because of you I am a redhead? (: Love your hair!

    Hugs from Łódź, Poland

  4. Lauren Helen says:

    I didn’t know you were in Umea!
    I’ve been looking into several places that I could possibly go for an exchange and one of the places I’ve looked at was Umea University because it has such amazing reviews from international students! Do you go to this university? If you do, tell me how you like it!

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