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För några veckor sedan bad Nike mig att vara med i deras Believe In More-kampanj. Ett initiativ med syfte att inspirera kvinnor att vara starka, självsäkra och aktiva. Det är klart jag vill! Jag, som haft så många motsättningar mot träning och sport; som aldrig känt mig som någon atlet (tvärtom), aldrig varit tävlingsinriktad nog att se vitsen med att ägna flera timmar och dagar åt att sparka på en boll, och aldrig haft det fysiska självförtroendet med mina långa armar och ben att ge mig in i matcherna till 100% på skolidrotten. Jag som också alltid varit en klassisk “duktig flicka” och känt hur de gånger jag gett mig in i sport eller träning ofta fastnat i ett trist prestations-fokus, inte riktigt kunna se det för vad det är. En lättnad, en paus från allt annat och en självförtroendeboost som får en att vilja tro på mer.
Nike ville att jag skulle dela med mig av min historia med min sport, löpning, för att peppa och inspirera andra. Här är den.

A few weeks ago, Nike asked me to be a part in their Believe In More-campaign, a initiative to inspire women to be bold, confident and active. My pleasure!

I have never in my life identified myself as an athlete, I’ve never really liked the PE classes in school, never been really good at any sport and never really understood the hype around rooting for a special team and watch matches on the TV. I think I actively avoided the sports community for a long time since I’ve never really been very competitive and couldn’t really relate to the other kids who lived their sports.

Though all this, I’ve found out that being active is a vital part of a happy life for me. It’s not about preforming great results, winning or beating records- I have enough pressure on me as a young woman running my own business anyway. It’s about living in the moment, letting go of everything else for a while. A relief.
Most of the time it doesn’t really matter if I’m playing around on a basketball court with friends, dancing the night away or walking in the forest a sunny day, but the one thing that really has given me the most focus and motivation since I discovered it in my early teens is running. It’s like a little break from everything else, an hour just for myself. I run when I’m stressed out, confused, heartbroken, have PMS but also when I’m happy and in a very good place in life. I run on the beach in my summerhouse, through the snow and ice in the winters, in new cities I go to when I travel, along the canal in my hoods in Berlin, or like in the pictures above; by the sea visiting Sean’s family some week ago. I’m certainly not the fastest runner, and I’m not always running that often. But when I do, it always makes me feel a little bit more confident, bold and active, and it definitely makes me believe in more.

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  1. sara says:

    the first pic is a masterpiece

  2. Lucie says:

    Running is my favorite thing as well, there is nothing that quite calms me and centers me like it!
    Lucie, xx

  3. alex dainel says:

    Perfect photography in that blog..

  4. Jared waisner says:

    So nice.! morning in this outfit looking casually so cool

  5. sam collin says:

    Awesome pictures for an awesome look!!

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