En designer-nykomling att hålla ögonen på.

Förresten, jag glömde ju nästan! Jag har snackat den nya, lovande designern David Vallance från Edinburgh. Läs den inspirerande intervjun HÄR!

By the way, I almost forgot! I’ve interviewed the upcoming and promising designer David Vallance from Edinburgh. You can read the interview in swedish HERE, or read the original version in english below:

David! Why did you become a designer? I’ve been interested in art from an early age, it was not until my last year of school that I decided what I wanted to do with my qualifications. Always fascinated by fashion and clothing I decided to apply for a course in fashion design at Cardonald College in Glasgow. After the first year it became clear that I could not imagine myself in any other career path and so pushed further on with hopes of studying at Edinburgh College of Art. Once I began the course at ECA it became clear where my interests lay and now I cannot imagine myself in any other career path. Fashion is definitely the industry for me.

Tell me about your current projects! After completing my graduate collection I continue to work on seasonal collections and have recently completed a Spring/ Summer Concept Collection ‘FLUX’ which has just been featured on the website MUUSE. I have begun researching for my Autumn/ Winter collection and have chosen to look into my family heritage ( My Grandmother is Italian, from the Isle of Elba) by studying ‘Italian Village Life’. The focus of colour and texture within the research I have collected is what I want to focus on within my new collection, and in typical style I feel there will be quite a lot of black within it! I am incredibly excited to see the results of the MUUSE Ready To Wear project and can’t believe one of my designs is going to be mass produced!

Describe your Signature Style! I have learned to embrace a more considerate approach to design, trying to predict how my designs will transcend beyond the catwalk for women of all shapes and sizes. I feel this is vital, especially when approaching the design process from a male perspective. It is not just about how I think women should dress, but how they want to dress. When designing I tend to gravitate towards clean and simple silhouettes, so as to compliment the body not detract from it and as mentioned above I like to work with more muted colour palettes. For my graduate collection I put together black, brown, grey and khaki which worked far better than you would initially think!

What are your goals for the future? I feel my main goal is to continue to develop and build on my design style. I will continue to design and hope that one day I will be able to show my collections on the runway at a major fashion week. Preferably New York!

Name three persons  who inspires you? I find designers who follow their own style and ideals to be the most inspiring to me. People like Riccardo Tisci & Christopher Kane who always manage to re-invent what people think of their work whilst style appeal to the people that love their work most. Eva Green is also somewhat of a style muse to me!

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